Main Definition[edit | edit source]

Anegosexual pride flag. The colors represent the same as the colors of asexual flag. (Black = Asexuality; Gray = Gray-asexuality; White = Sexuality; Purple = Community) The inverted triangle represents the "inverted" aspect of Anegosexuality.

Anegosexuality (also known as aegosexuality) is a sexual orientation under the spectrum of asexuality. Like other asexuals, people that are anegosexual are lacking desire to be a participant in sexual activities themselves, but their specificity is that they may have sexual fantasies at times, despite feeling a disconnect between themselves and a sexual target/object of arousal. 

History[edit | edit source]

Etymoligy: Anegosexuality - a (not) + (n) + ego (self) = anego - without self; therefore literally meaning sexuality without self.

Anegosexuality used to be called autochorissexuality. The term was coined by Dr. Anthony F. Bogaert and it derived from ‘autochoris’ which translates to 'identity-less sexuality’. However, the name was changed due to the fact that Dr. Bogaert categorized it as a "paraphilia;" it was later confirmed that it is not.

It is a subset of asexuality which is defined as: a disconnect between oneself and a sexual target/object of arousal; may involve sexual fantasies or arousal in response to erotica or pornography, but lacks desire to be an actual participant in the sexual activities therein.

Anegosexuals are known to:

  • Get aroused by sexual content (at times) but not actually want to personally engage in sexual activities.
  • Masturbate, but feel neutral or repulsed by the idea of having sex with another person.
  • Fantasize about sex (with varying frequency), but envision people other than themselves, and/or view it in third person, as though they are watching it on TV, rather than imagining it in first person through their own eyes.
  • Predominantly or entirely fantasize about fictional characters or celebrities, rather than people in real life that they know.
  • Identify as asexual and feel little-to-no sexual attraction to people but enjoy masturbating (with varying frequency), are aroused by sexually explicit content, and/or have sexual fantasies.

What It Feels Like[edit | edit source]

Being anegosexual is like getting aroused at the idea of sex, but never wanting to engage in sexual acts yourself. It is like watching a sport and enjoying watching it, but feeling you would never play it yourself.

Literature [edit | edit source]

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