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Anthrosexuality is when someone does not know their own sexual orientation or does not relate to any of them, but can still feel attraction to a person, regardless of gender. It is often compared to pansexuality. Anthrosexuality is a very unknown orientation in the community, it is a combination of pansexuality, bisexuality and demisexuality, they are people who are attracted to genders, but do not know what their orientation is. Anthrosexuality can have lots of different meanings :

First different meaning : It means turning a blind eye to gender. So whether a person is straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, it doesn't matter. What matters is the connection you have with the person.

Second different meaning : It means a person who cant fit or dont know their label yet , but know that theyre non-straight and they are open to have relationships with everyone not matter their gender. They can have a preferences.


"Anthro" means human, humanoid, human-like.

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