Sexuality Wiki

What is it?


Autosexuality is the feeling of attraction towards oneself and can occur in many forms as follows:

  1. Having a hard time responding to someone's sexual touch, but being able to/comfortable with self pleasing like masturbation.
  2. Feeling no attraction to others but feeling attraction to yourself.
  3. Attraction to oneself.

What else?

It refers to someone who has a great deal of trouble responding to someone else sexually but can respond fairly or very well to their own touch. They usually are attracted to others and fantasize about others, but what they respond to is their own touch. They may also have fantasies involving being in a romantic and sexual relationship with themselves, either by just themselves or with someone who resembles a clone of them. They might also go out on dates with themselves (Ex. Going to their favorite restaurant by themselves or setting up a picnic.) Someone who's autosexual will also feel attraction when seeing their own reflection or seeing someone who looks similar to them.


The prefix comes from the Greek term 'auto', meaning 'self'.