My Coming Out Story How I Realised I'm Bisexual

My Coming Out Story How I Realised I'm Bisexual

A person who identifies as bisexual is attracted to both people with male genitalia and people with female genitalia. Contrary to popular belief, bisexuality has always been inclusive towards transgenders and non-binary people.

Interaction and overlap of bisexual and pansexual communitiesEdit

The misconceptions on bisexuality as not being inclusive to genderqueer and trans people have caused some people to stray away from the identity, often resulting in identifying as pansexual. It has, however, been established that bisexuality is inclusive and that every bisexual has different experiences.

Pansexuality and bisexuality are very similar, both mean those who identify as one of the two feel attraction to multiple genders. The major difference between the two orientations is that pansexuality is attraction regardless of gender and bisexuality is attraction because of it, meaning the way a bisexual person feels about one gender or identity may be different to another, but they can still be attracted to both.

Bisexual flag

The bisexual flag Edit

The bisexual flag depicts three coloured horizontal stripes. The top and bottom stripes are slightly wider than the middle. The top stripe is pink for attraction to women or feminine persons, the bottom stripe is blue for attraction to men or masculine persons, and the middle stripe is purple for the resulting sexual orientation (although it can also be for attraction to non-binary or genderqueer persons).

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