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Sayuri Zenaku Sayuri Zenaku 18 March

Why I think Stevesexual is Invalid😡

What in their f*cking right mind asked their d*ck to tell their b*tt and f*cking braincells to make Setevesexual?!

We all know it is invalid to these sexualities like Dreamsexual or Onesexual and this all has to stop!

Asexual is valid, so is pansexual.

Please report any people who make fake sexualities, as they might make the MAPs thing.

- さゆり•ザ・パフォーマー (Sayuri The Performer)

Thanks for listening. Wiki, i am spreading awareness about invalid sexualities.

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RichardFromPawnStars RichardFromPawnStars 19 January


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Vixy the cat Vixy the cat 4 January

Harmful terms that are

Trigger Warning:This page mentions suicide, pedophilia, necrophilia and other traumatic stuff.

oops i did this by mistake.

Anyways, these are the harmful terms that are "Apart" of LGBTQ

  • 1 Pedophilia/Mapsexuality
  • 2 Zoosexuality/Zoophilia
  • 3 Quasisexuality
  • 4 Superstraight
  • 5 Hebesexual
  • 6 Barlo
  • 7 Voresexual
  • 8 Necrophilia/Deadsexual
  • 9 Suicidesexual
  • 10 Rapesexual
  • 11 Toddlersexual/Babysexual
  • 12 SFNsexual/Animalabusesexual

Pedophilia is a mental illness that people call a "sexuality"

Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to Minors under 18.

Zoophilia is also a mental illness

Zoophilia is a "sexuality" that only feels sexual attraction to Animals

Quasigay is when a Woman feels sexual attraction to gay men

Quasilesbian is when a man feels sexuality to lesbians

Superstraight is a sexua…

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ThatsAnIdea ThatsAnIdea 23 June 2021

Random Things I Have Been Obsessed With Before

So sometimes (all the time), I randomly obsess over weird things.

For example:

Rubix cubes (I am still pissed I can only solve one side)

Stuffed animals (my closet is filled with them (and me)

Playing the piano (I suck, I can only play hot cross buns)

Tomatoes (I had this obsession when I was younger, and now people just think I am obsessed with tomatoes (it is kind of annoying)

Apples (I really just didn't stop eating them)

Hot dog buns (ummm, just don't ask)

Different cereals (I eat cereal for breakfast, so I got to have it everyday.)

Fanta orange soda (I had this obsession when I was in Italy, and ordered it at every restaurant I could)

Making mini movies (I feel like I am the only person I have ever met who is motivated to actually finish creati…

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SpaghettiMawn SpaghettiMawn 12 April 2021

Terraria How to Craft

Ok, here's how to craft the Zenith in Terraria.

Copper Shortsword (You spawn with one)

Enchanted Sword (Find an enchanted sword shrine)

Starfury (Found on floating islands or sky crates)

Beekeeper (Loot from killing queen bee)

Fiery Greatsword (Made from hellstone bars)

Blade Of Grass (made from materials in the jungle)

Muramasa (found in locked dungeon chests)

Light's Bane / Blood Butcherer (made from your world's evil metal, Demonite or Crimtane ore.)

Excalibur (made from Hallowed Bars, dropped from the mech bosses)

Broken Hero Sword (dropped from a Solar Eclipse mob, Mothron)

Seedler (dropped from Plantera)

Influx Waver (dropped from the Martian Saucer during the Martian Madness event)

Pumpking's Wrath (dropped by Pumpking)

Star Wrath (dropped from M…

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SpaghettiMawn SpaghettiMawn 7 April 2021

Vibing Pets

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SpaghettiMawn SpaghettiMawn 5 April 2021

About me

ok so basically im Aromantic


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Clear.Skyes Clear.Skyes 18 March 2021

Why I put subtype SS pages as CFD

This is mostly a quick and short explanation.

I put all SS subtypes as Candidates for Deletion due to two things:

  1. It's redundant to have an entire page for a subtype that has a rather small definition.
  2. Its simply messy having multiple pages on a subtype of a label when it can be explained in one page.

I added all of them into the super-sexual page and copy pasted the definitions there, its better that people can find it on one page rather than dig around for a page that has a very small definition.

Now I'm guessing people are gonna as this and I'm just gonna answer:

Do I think SS is a transphobic label? Yes.

Do I have personal bias? Yep, although I am beginning to go neutral on this event, however, I am biased on many things but I do my best to n…

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Cis-oriented sexual identities

Sexual orientation and identity are complex issues with heavily interwoven issues of biology, psychology, preference, culture and identity itself. Recently there was a meme of "SuperStraight" and the various offshoots of "SuperGay," "SuperLesbian," and "SuperBi," which infuriated a number of transactivists, despite many of them being cisgender. How this kind of humor actually affected "a majority" of trans individuals isn't something that can be quantified. However, sexual identity, as demonstrated by the fact that we have now reached well over a hundred, some of which are apparently redundant or inherently subjective, should not exclude such concepts of people who are attracted to cisgendered people anymore than trying to invalidate at…

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Kpop99fortnitetrash Kpop99fortnitetrash 26 January 2021

Hello, Im new

Im new! Just call me Kpop and I cant find the discussion page.

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Sweetbasil39 Sweetbasil39 17 January 2021

pan/bi lesbians

does it really invalidate pans bis and lesbians to say you're pan/bi lesbian??? help

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Jcm10313 Jcm10313 31 December 2020

Hi, I'm new to this and I have questions

I hope this is the right place to ask (I'm usually only on the HP page and it is quite a bit different there) but since I don't really have another place to go to, I think I'd ask here. So... I need help kinda identifying myself. As for my background, I noticed I like boys and girls pretty early on. Easy enough, I thought I was bi. over the time I noticed it's not about the gender, I just like people, so I was like, fine, pan it is. But It never seemed to fit completely. I don't know if I feel sexual attraction. My emotions are quite messy and I'm not sure if my previous attractions (none of which resulted in anything) were of romantic or sexual nature (it was definitely romantic but I don't know if sexual was included). So my guess is tha…

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A1Normal1Human A1Normal1Human 16 November 2020

New sexualities

I've always called myself homoflexible but... that's not exactly right

That's why i propose to add two new sexualities, gynoflexible and androflexible.

The name is pretty self-explanatory but, gynoflexible is someone who is mostly attracted to femininity, but can make exceptions, androflexible is someone who is mostly attracted to masculinity, but can make exceptions

what do you think? I personally think the term "Gynoflexible" fits with me much better, but I'm not sure if there's a similar sexuality already?

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Starrylana Starrylana 23 October 2020

um hi

whats up????

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Dragoncat64 Dragoncat64 12 October 2020


I am here, and so are you. Thanks for letting me join!

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DarkFox119 DarkFox119 14 June 2020

Making this wiki better, one edit at a time!

I aim to help expand this wiki and the information contained within

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Vicerous Vicerous 4 May 2020


what’s it called when you’re a cis female and are attracted to cis women and non binary people?

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Starfireeeeseess Starfireeeeseess 22 May 2019

My sexual adventures

I started fucking a girl alkso heres a episdoe

It had been one month since Supergirl had vanished. Every hero in the Justice Liege, Titans, and Outsiders had done a search, but none succeeded.

Robin, now Nightwing, had not been one to give up however, as he had sent Starfire and Raven to inspect a new clue.

"Remind me why we're here again." Raven looked to Starfire idly, the alien princess hovering in the air beside her floating friend.

"Because Supergirl is our friend, and we are not of the type to leave our friends stay missing!" Starfire's eyes glowed green, and her face spoke clearly of the concern she felt for Kara.

Raven was a little worried too-though she hardly looked as vulnerable. "Right. I know that. I mean... Why are we here?" She g…

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TheXtraDudBud TheXtraDudBud 14 September 2018

94 pages

We only need 3.

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TheXtraDudBud TheXtraDudBud 14 September 2018

Demisexuality isn’t a thing.

It’s the same thing as any other sexuality, you’re just only into people who you know well.

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TheXtraDudBud TheXtraDudBud 14 September 2018

96% of people are heterosexual


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TheXtraDudBud TheXtraDudBud 10 September 2018


Just three, only three.

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Totikhaspawn Totikhaspawn 15 June 2018

guys i think I'm a tranny :P

i've been thinking and i dont think i'm totikhaspawnfluid anymore =o= i think i might be a softboy  :O but also agendergendergender is super cool and i wanna be accepted by all my lesbian friends. what do i do????????? 😣 😢 🙈

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ROBLOXNoob246 ROBLOXNoob246 20 January 2018



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PatrickCunningham PatrickCunningham 26 September 2015

Anonymous wiki needs your help.

Greetings citizens of the world. This is Mr. Cunningham. Anonymous wiki needs your help. We have a lot of stubs. I am going to leave a link down below. We are Anonymous we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us at Anonymous wiki.

PatrickCunningham (talk) 18:04, September 26, 2015 (UTC)

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Pope Hildegard Pope Hildegard 29 May 2015

What is Allowed Here?

What is allowed here? Right now we don't know, but are checking with Wikia.

We do know what Wikia does not want this to be.  According to Wikia staff member Sannse:

"Overall, you will need to avoid graphic photographs or images and keep the context of the wikia to an educational, medical, or sociological context. If it becomes an erotic resource, with explicit text and images, it won't be suitable for Wikia." We haven't yet learned what "graphic photographs or images" means, except that images showing explicit sexual intercourse are not allowed. Other than that, we'll have to wait and see.

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Miley Spears Miley Spears 22 May 2015

What is Sex Wiki?

Check out Pope Hilde's post here.

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Pope Hildegard Pope Hildegard 22 May 2015

What is Sexuality Wiki?

What is Sexuality Wiki?

I hope it will be a place where people can contribute and receive information on various forms of sexuality and sexually-related subjects. In addition, I'd like us to cover topics that are not necessarily sexual but can be linked such as kissing, nudism, games, and other subjects.

Sexuality can be a volatile topic, but we want things here to be civil.

Because sexuality, especially some forms,, are highly controversial, we would llike documentation for facts in articles that aren't universally known. For example, if you write that most societies recognize male and female, you don't need documentation. If you say the average adult male has sex two times per week, we'd need a source. If you don't know formal wiki formatti…

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