Boreasexuality is having an exception to your usual sexual orientation. Usually revolves around a single person.

This is the boreasexual flag

The boreasexual was created by by a guy call Aiden, he is 21,Aiden pronuns are he/him/his ,quoifux gay(also demigrey and fictofinalterous) and he does a sideblog of coining terms, aesthetic flag edits, flag icons, advice, and random lgbt things (main is cattodaddo).

he created this alternative flag because the original one was daugerously close to the high heel fetish (atlocalciphilia) flag.

term creator:?

flag creator:Aiden

If you want to know more about his sideblog you can follow him on tumber and his username is gayglitch.

A link to go and sign on tumblr if you want to.

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