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Coeosexuality is a sexual orientation where you only feel sexual attraction to someone if you developed that feeling upon meeting them the first time, and is similar to the concept of "Love at First Sight".

Coeosexual people can develop romantic or sexual feelings for people they had not met before, although these feelings may be fleeting, or not strong enough to warrant a relationship. Coeosexual people are prone to intense crushes with people they barely know that can be as intense as an attraction someone has developed over years. Coeosexual people will often be disappointed or distraught if a person they love does not love them back. When they develop an attraction for someone, it is highly unlikely it will ever go away.

Coeosexual, similar to demisexual, falls on the asexual spectrum and is essentially the opposite of demisexual.

Coeosexual is derived from the Latin word "Coeo", which means "Meet, Unite, or Have Connection".

The Person who designed the Flag and Created the Term Coeosexuality is known on Reddit as Sirpurple04 (and on many other platforms as variations of this name).

The colors on the flag have meanings:

  • The Pink symbolizes Passion
  • The Blue-Grey symbolizes Uninterest
  • The Purple symbolizes the fact that both of these feelings can be felt by the same person
  • and The White Symbolizes a "Blank Slate"