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Who is a cupidosexual?

Well, I could be sexually attracted to all genders and people but depending on my mood/desire I feel attracted to only certain ones. My sexuality doesn’t change, but the genders and people I’m attracted to do. If I find someone “hot”, then I’m attracted to them at the moment.

Isn’t it pansexuality/omnisexuality then?

Well, I thought so too but the point is that pansexuals don’t care about genders, they just like everyone, whereas cupidosexuals are attracted only to certain genders and people at a specific moment (day, hour etc.). One or a few - that means that I could be attracted exclusively to one or multiple genders. In general, I could be attracted to all genders and people but it all depends on the mood/desire/moment. It’s a very small difference but a crucial one. Cupidosexuality describes only sexual/physical, not romantic, attraction.