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Fictosexual, also known as fictisexual, fictonsexual, fictiosexual, fictionsexual or fictionalsexual, is an umbrella term for anyone who experience exclusive sexual attraction toward fictional characters, a general type of fictional characters, or whose sexuality is influenced by fictional characters. It is on the asexual spectrum.

Some fictosexual individuals experience attraction to certain genders in fiction, but don't experience attraction to said genders in the non-fictional world. For example, one may experience attraction to all genders in fiction, but only experience attraction to men in the non-fictional world. This may be a subcategory of lithosexual.

Even though other people may not understand the way that they experience their sexual attraction to fictional character(s), they just can't experience the same amount of attraction to real life people. Like when someone is ficto-phallosexual that means that they are sexually attracted to d*ck but towards real life people they are asexual.

There are also many who are fictosexual and has attraction to only one fictional character. Those who experience this may identify as certissexual.