Koresexuality is the attraction to and arousal by minor females.[1] They can be non offending or offending korephiles and predators. This term is commonly used by those who want approval of their arousal and may use it to be around minor.


A pride flag is used by those who want to be a part of the LGBT+ community, which it is strictly denied by those in the community. However it can often be used by trolls to mock LGBT+ people but there are accounts of people who use this term that are offending predators and pedophiles or those who aren't offending but to wish to act upon it. (It is advised to note that this is not part of LGBT+, although it is good if they do not act upon that attraction and discourage the action and get help for their arousal.)


Similar labels used by trolls and/or offenders include ageflux, agefluid, transage, kindergender, and a used but not seen often is "youthsexual" .


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