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This list was made to help those to navigate this Wiki.

This list is not definitive, as we begin to explore new identities within the LGBT+ community and as a global society, please feel free to add more.

Please, don't add FETISHES. Add only SEXUALITY because someone can misunderstand something. However. if a sexuality is removed then expect it be added back in return.

Do not be LGBT+phobic or remove certain labels due to personal bias and/or prejudice. The only exception for something to be removed is if it is a troll or vandal term such as "jamydsexual", "[insert specific slur]sexual" etc.

To simplify this list, I have compiled some more lists.

In terms of sexual attraction In terms of how many genders one likes
allosexual asexual monosexual multisexual
heterosexual demisexual heterosexual bisexual
homosexual graysexual pansexual
bisexual lithosexual homosexual omnisexual
etc etc