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The Multisexual Spectrum, also known as as mspec, bisexual umbrella, mspec umbrella or multi spectrum or plurisexual, is a sexuality spectrum/umbrella term consisting of any and all labels that represent the sexual attraction to more than one gender. The most well known labels on the spectrum are Bisexual, Pansexual, Polysexual, and Omnisexual.

The spectrum is often referred to as the Bisexual Umbrella, as bisexual is often seen as the umbrella term for all labels holding multigender attraction due to its fluidity. Any labels that withhold attraction to more than one gender will fall under here.


Not much is known behind the history of this term. It was coined to hold all identities that hold attraction to more than one gender.


The following labels are known to be part of the spectrum. Feel free to add a few.

Bisexual - a fluid identity that means the attraction to two or more genders.

Pansexual - The attraction to all genders, regardless of gender.

Polysexual - The attraction to many genders, but not all.

Omnisexual - The attraction to all genders, with regards to gender.

Abrosexual - When sexual attraction fluctuates.

Heteroflexible - I did not know that she was plurisexual and well, if heteroflexible she is the one who identifies mostly as heterosexual, but who very suddenly may want to share the caresses, the sexual desire with someone of the same sex, and, be careful, that does not make him "gay or lesbian "

Homoflexible - the same is a homosexual person who suddenly also wants to taste the forbidden fruit of heterosexuality, but in this case his desire is given as; homoeroticism, without making him less "gay"

Ambisexual - is a multisexual identity and specific subset of bisexual. It refers to someone who experiences attraction to individuals of the same gender/similar genders and to individuals of a different gender/dissimilar genders.}

Trisexual - This plurisexual identity refers to people who feel sexual and/or romantic attraction towards women, men, and intersex people.

Quadsexual - is the attraction to exactly four genders. These can be any four genders, including binary and non-binary genders. For example, a quadsexual person could be attracted to men, demiboys, agender people, and androgyne people. The attraction can be experienced staticly or fluidly.

Quintsexual - is attraction to 5 genders. It can be static or fluid.