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The flag for Mutosexuality

Mutosexuality is a fluid sexuality in which your attraction changes from day to day. If you are mutosexual, you may like women one day, men the next, and non-binary people another day. You may be bi, then gay, then straight. This is a form of fluid multisexuality such as pan or bi in that you like all genders, but you don’t always like all genders at once. Typically this is for use by people with fluid genders, but anyone can be/use mutosexual.

The term “mutosexual” comes from the Latin word “muto” which means “change”.

The flag for mutosexuality was created by the same person who coined the term. The orange represents change and fluidity, the white represents nonbinary genders, the pink represents feminine people, the blue represents masculine people, the black represents asexual or aromantic people who also identify as either mutosexual or mutoromantic, and the purple represents all genders and queerness. The Greek letter xi looks like liquid, so was chosen as the letter to represent mutosexuality. This is similar to Abrosexuality