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Most recognized novosexual pride flag

A Novosexual person is someone who's sexuality fluctuates along with their gender identity. Novosexuals are constantly changing between different genders and sexual orientations similarly to those who are genderfluid and/or abrosexual. How long it may take between the next fluctuation will vary from person to person. It could happen several times within a day or stay the same for weeks. Novosexuality, however, is only such when sexual orientation changes along with gender identity.

Alternate Novosexual Flag created by MoonJellyBuniny (aka Buniny) on 8/15/2020 Created using a mixture of the Abrosexual and Genderfluid Pride flags to show the link between both identifiers.

While novosexuals can identify as genderfluid/abrosexual, they are set apart by having both linked together, as the sexual attraction of abrosexuals can happen independently of their gender identity. In essence, all novosexuals can identify as genderfluid/abrosexual but not all those who identify themselves as genderfluid/abrosexual are novosexual. As the same with abrosexuals; Novosexuals are extremely rare.

Novosexuality is different than questioning; questioning sexuality is going through a phase of trying to work out who one is attracted to, whereas a novosexual person may feel like and identify as homosexual and agender one day, then polysexual and cisgender the next, and bisexual and nonbinary another day. What genders and sexual orientations they fluctuate to will vary from person to person.

The alternate novosexual flag, created by MoonJellyBuniny (aka. Buniny) was created on 8/15/2020. The colors were chosen based on the abrosexual and genderfluid pride flags as to show the link between both fluctuating identities. The flag colors correspond to the following interpretation:

  • Blue: Attraction and identification of masculinity
  • Green: The link between sexual orientation and gender identity
  • White: Lack of attraction or gender
  • Pink: Attraction and identification of femininity
  • Dark Purple: Attraction and Identification of mixed genders or other ENBY identities such as Third gender