A portmanteau of pomo, short for postmodernism, and sexual, used as a noun—a person who shuns labels (e.g., heterosexual and homosexual, which define people by their sexual preferences)—and as an adjective, referring to such a person or to the philosophy of pomosexuality[1]

Pomosexual "Post modern sexuality."

An active rejection of traditional sexual and gender labels, and a belief that no single label or definition can adequately capture the true complexity of an individual's identity. Rooted in the post modernist movement's rejection of the idea of universal narratives and strict boundaries. Often compared to other terms rooted in rejection of boundaries, such as queer and exgender (x-gender). [2]

A pomosexual person may or may not feel sexual attraction, but is not interested in specifying whether they feel it, and to whom. They do not want or need a specific label. Pomosexual can be a sexuality by itself, but can also be used as an umbrella term.[3]

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