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Psychesexual (pronounced /ˈsīkē/ /ˈsekSH(o͞o)əl/ )is a term that can be a synonym for some pansexual people. It is a person who is solely attracted to the personality, mind, soul, or spirit of another person or people. It is not to be confused with sapiosexual, which is attraction to the mind and/or intelligence. Sapiosexual has a lot of ableist and negative connotations, which was the reason for the creation of psychesexual. Psychesexuals do not have any preferences for gender, body shape, height, or any other physical attributes; however, that does not exclude those with trauma related preferences or aversions. It is not a label for heterosexual or monosexual people. It is inherently on the multisexual spectrum, or mspec. Psychesexuals may also be demisexual or otherwise on the asexual spectrum, but it is not a requirement.

Psycheromantic is very similar, and may be used to refer to someone who is on the asexual spectrum.

The psychesexual flag. Colors: violet, white, and blue.

The colors of the psychesexual flag have meaning.

  • Violet - Spirit and Soul
  • White - Harmony
  • Blue - Freedom and Mind

This flag was created by Ashe R Orsak on 6/26/2020 as an alternative or sub type of pansexual and may be related to demisexual.

Psychesexual flag with meaning

The Psychesexual Progress Flag was made to show support of trans and POC minorities.

Psychesexual Progress Flag

Psycheromantic Heart for asexual and aspec people using the split attraction model.