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Savosexual refers to an individual whose sexuality was changing or was fluid or even it was fixed (hetero/homo/etc.) till a certain point in time. This orientation though, changed after their encounter with a particular person who may or may not appertain to their past sexuality. That transition between orientations is not easy it can cause great frustration to someone and constant peradventure and it must not be confused with the development of romantic feelings for a certain someone/being in a relationship. Being savosexual means having sexual attraction to only one and specific person after a long time of conflict with yourself and/or that person who may or may not belonged to your previous target group of potential lovers and to be willing to try things with them which in the past may or may not caused you discomfort and/or anxiety.

Savosexuality is sometimes considered part of the asexual spectrum.

Etymology: from the flower winter/summer savory (Satureja hortensis) which is a flower part of the mint family, a small green plant. This sexuality derives its name from that flower/herb for two main reasons.

Tis sexual orientation takes a great time to develop or it takes you a long time for you to return to your previous orientation after your encounter with your “savory” just like a flower blossoms and decays.

This flower although it’s small and not widely known (quite insignificant) it can be used in many essential oils and it can spice up your foods!


Created on 6/2/2021

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