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Welcome to Sexuality Wikia, also knowing known as the the Sex Wiki. This site sat idle with almost nothing for two years, but beginning May 13, 2015, was being built.

For mainspace articles, Sex Wiki is a non-judgmental wiki. That includes any form of sexuality or sexual practice. Opinions may be expressed in user space and talk sections if done in a non-confrontational, non-insulting manner.

We welcome information on forms of sexuality; prominent individuals and organizations who are advocates or opponents of forms of sexuality; people whose sexuality is or was a public or significant legal issue; sexes and genders beyond but including male and female; major legal aspects and issues of sex and sexuality; sexual acts and activities; and issues directly related to sexuality such as sex education. While this site is currently primarily about human sexuality, aspects of sexuality and sexual behavior in other life forms can be included. We also welcome articles on non-sexual lifestyles and activities that may be linked with sexual activity even if only by non-participants.

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