Sexuality Wiki

What is Sexuality Wiki aka Sex Wiki?

It's a place where people can contribute and receive information on various forms of sexuality and sexually-related subjects. In addition, we have topics that are not necessarily sexual but that some people relate to it such as kissing, nudism, intimate games, and other subjects.

Sex Wiki is a non-judgmental wiki. That includes any form of sexuality or sexual practice. Opinions may be expressed in user space and talk sections if done in a non-confrontational, non-insulting manner. Sexuality can be a volatile topic, but we want things here to be civil.

Because sexuality, especially some forms, are highly controversial, we would like documentation for facts that aren't universally known in the articles here. For example, if you write that most societies recognize male and female, you don't need documentation. If you say the average adult male has sex two times per week, we'd need a source. If you don't know formal wiki formatting, don't worry about it. You can simply type the name of the book, magazine, website or whatever source you used, and someone else can format it for you.

Thank you for visiting Sexuality Wiki aka Sex Wiki, and you're welcome to contribute!