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Superstraight is a sexuality similar to heterosexuality, however superstraights only experience attraction to the cisgender people. Superstraights are often, together with supergays and superlesbians, referred to as supersexuals.


While the mainline LGBT movement recognizes sexual preferences, there are concerns that a term focusing on cisgender people will be used in inherently transphobic ways. There are also claims that it is a continuation of the LGBDropTheT movement.

Status of superstraights as members of LGBTQ+ community is still uncertain, and the controversy is still ongoing.


The term "super straight" was originally coined by a teenager on TikTok in a now-deleted video, after which it was quickly adopted by members of 4chan's /pol/ board. While some users of the board made edits of the flag featuring overt Nazi symbols, others criticized these edits due to the way they undermined the attempted psy-op.[1]

The superstraight flag. Ironically, the color scheme is the color scheme of Pornhub and Grindr.