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People who are attracted to pixels on a screen and visibly get off to Lunime's[1] creations. Heavily problematic and you need to go to therapy and get off the internet[2]. Thank you for coming to my Ted-Talk, luvs 🥰.

Edit from another user;;

Gachasexual is a Disgusting Joke That is " Sexually Attracted " I put that in air quotes,, to the Lunime 'Company''s Gacha games ( Gacha Life, Club, Verse, Studio, Memories, Chibi Gacha, Meme Gacha ) and many more,, This isn't a sexuality as if I remember correctly,, The meaning of Sexuality or __Romantic Is an Attraction to a PERSON,, Or Something,, I may be incorrect,, But still,, If you think you are " Animesexual " or " Gachasexual " Please Get off your device,, Walk up the basement stairs or crawl up them if you please,, Grab a Cup of cold ice water,, Walk back down the stairs,, dump half of it on your device,, and then on yourself,, Please Keep in mind this is just Mocking The L.G.B.T.Q.(A(?))+ Community and is in NO WAY Acceptable,, Just Log off the internet you Muppet 🚽💨