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It had been one month since Supergirl had vanished. Every hero in the Justice Liege, Titans, and Outsiders had done a search, but none succeeded.

Robin, now Nightwing, had not been one to give up however, as he had sent Starfire and Raven to inspect a new clue.

"Remind me why we're here again." Raven looked to Starfire idly, the alien princess hovering in the air beside her floating friend.

"Because Supergirl is our friend, and we are not of the type to leave our friends stay missing!" Starfire's eyes glowed green, and her face spoke clearly of the concern she felt for Kara.

Raven was a little worried too-though she hardly looked as vulnerable. "Right. I know that. I mean... Why are we here?" She gestured to the abandoned dock before them with a dreary sigh.

"Oh! That is easy! It is because Batman has told Robin who has told us that this is a good lead!" Starfire grinned innocently, blissfully unaware of the darkness that was about to envelop them.

As if to validate this claim, one of the waves hitting the docks brought something up from the depths of the water. A red piece of cloth. A red cape!

Despite being covered in alge, the fabric was unharmed in any way, a testament to its strength.

It was unbelievable that it had washed up just as they arrived. It was almost... too convenient to be true.

"Oh! Look, Raven! We have found our first clue!" Starfire's eyes glimmered with hope, and she drifted towards the cape, only to freeze as an invisible arm wrapped around her waist.

"Yeah... But it's a little convenient. What if this is a trap?" Raven muttered, psychically holding her friend back.

Before they had time to argue the existence of this clue, it was followed up by something far more significant. A form at the bottom of the water was coming into focus as the clouds overhead shifted. It was the form of a girl...

"Kara!" The two shouted in unison, speeding down towards their friend. Raven parted the waves with a surge of mental energy, allowing Starfire to get closer and scoop up their friend in her tanned arms.

"She is still breathing, but I think she needs help!" Starfire looked up to Raven with worry.

The blond's eyes opened, looking up at Starfire. "K-k-ori?" she asked.

She was barely conscious, pale, and looked awful. By the second, she lost more color in her skin, her hair turning white. "N-no..." she whimpered "Please... help me... don't let them take me ba-back...."

Her words were silenced as she began to vomit. Spilling from her mouth was a cold, white liquid. Milk.

It splashed into Starfires face, shooting out with greater intensity by the second. She was now fully awake, screams muffled by the torrent she was releasing. She felt soft in Starfires arms, too soft. Her body was dissolving, melting into milk. Letting out one last cry, her body fell through her friends arms onto the ground, nothing but a puddle of dairy. Supergirl was gone.

The two girls stood there in silence. Finally, raven produced a vial and scooped up some of the discharge. “I'm going to go to Dr. Fate with this, maybe he'll have an idea." 

"Uhm... And what should I do?" Starfire asked, shifting in place anxiously.

"Take these bottles to the tower, maybe Cyborg can work something out."

"Oh, I don't think that will be necessary" said a voice behind the two girls.

A Woman with silver hair, and a reveling red dress, had seemingly materialized out of thin air.

"I couldn't help overhearing your predicament. I may know a thing or two about Supergirls location" she said to them, smiling sweetly. However, Raven could instinctively sense dark magic emanating from her.

"Oh! Any and all help would be wonderful! Thank you very much, miss!" Starfire floated towards the new arrival, beaming innocently.

"Star! I don't think she's a friend!" Raven shouted a warning, her cloak billowing around her pale skin. She lifted her hands, ready to shield her fellow Titan.

"Oh, there's no need for a fight... Rachel Roth" She responded, emphasizing the name. "You see, I know Kara is still alive, because I'm the one who's responsible for her disappearance"

She said it so casually, as if she hadn't just admitted anything unusual.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Was Raven's reply. Rachel was just an alias for living as a human, but if this woman knew it then she clearly wasn't a small fry.

Stone lifted from the ground, binding the woman's hands, hopefully preventing her from casting any spells.

"Raven! We have just met her!" Starfire gasped, looking to her friend with wide eyes.

"And she knew my casual name, Star. Pay attention to the little details!"

The mysterious woman nearly sighed, as if finding this adorable. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" she said, mimicking Ravens voice. But it was not the womans powers who activated.

Raven felt her body move, activating her own magic against her will. She once again psychically took hold of rocks, but used it against herself. Soon, she had not just bound her hands, but her entire body bellow her waist, in stone.

The woman laughed, hands still bound. Only Sttaarfire was free.

"Run! Get help, she's out of our league!" Raven cried, wincing as the stones ground against her skin.

Unfortunately, Princess Koriand'r was hardly one to back down from a fight. The alien girl's eyes glowed emerald green, and she dove at the woman, punching her hard in the face.

The woman flew across dock, landing facedown. Her short dress was flipped over as she tumbled, showing off her bare butt. A trickle of blood dripped from her forehead.

She did not seem to mind though. Despite being bound, hurt, and found in a revealing position, she just laughed. "Oh, very good Kori. I always liked you. Of course, your design is a bit different from some of the other stories I've read, especially in the figure department. I suppose you're still young in this dimension. Maybe I should make you more... mature first."

She was talking to herself, not caring if anyone understood what she was saying. No one noticed that Kori's chest was starting to swell.

"What are you talking about? Unhand my friend, then tell me where Kara is!" Starfire landed on her feet, walking towards the woman aggressively.

Robin had told her that was what to do when trying to intimidate someone, but it didn't seem to be working. The woman seemed to be smiling!

"Stop" The Woman said lazily.

Starfire stopped mid-stride. From the neck down, her body was entirely immobile.

"I think you owe me for that hit there. Why don't you give me a little peak."

Her hands moved to there own, lifting up her skirt to show off her purple panties.

"Now, that's better" she said, as the rock binding her hands came off, childishly easily. "As for your question, Kara's in Kansas, probably being fucked against her will by a bull again"

"What have you done to me? Why can I not move?" Starfire gloweres, struggling against her invisible bonds.

Raven, however, was much calmer. "Look. I don't know who you are, but you're about to bring something horrible down onto yourself. Forget about us, do you know Kara's cousin? It's in your best interest to let us go, let her go, and be on your way."

She knew fully well that they were outclassed. This opponent had overwhelmed them so completely, fighting would just be a mistake.

"Oh yes, I'm quite familiar with Clark Kent, that's his name if you didn't know" she said absentmindedly. She was pacing around Starfires immobile body (still lifting her skirt) and inspecting it like a doll she owned. She slapped her ass casually, to inspect how it jiggled.

"Bend over dear" she said, before turning her attention to Raven. meanwhile, Starfire bent forward so her hair brushed the ground, still holding her skirt, so her ass pointed into the air. Her growing bust was touching the ground as well.

"You see mrs Roth, unless you have something to offer me, I don't really see any reason to listen to you

"My-my breasts are growing!" Starfire yelped, whimpering at her lewd pose. If any of her friends could see her like this, she'd be more humiliated than she'd ever been in her entire life!

"Not the issue here, Star!" Raven snapped, looking to the woman. "So, you want something. That's a start, how do we get you that?" She was so preoccupied by the creature before her that she didn't notice her friend's plight.

"Among others, I want you to be my servant Raven. But I won't make you do anything you don't agree to dear" she said, in a reasonable tone of voice. "So, why don't you make me an offer of what you'd be willing to do for me, and I'll tell you if I accept."

But, unknown to any of the two girls under her spell, The Woman psychically controlled her response as Raven said "Okay, that's fair. You're going to make me undress myself, and then I'm going to straddle Starfire's face and grind my pussy against her nose and mouth until I cum. Then you'll make me lick her face clean before kissing her, so she can have a taste too."

Starfire gasped loudly, and Raven blinked. Her face burned, but she knew better. Playing the fool would hurt far less than defiance.

Unfortunately, Starfire wasn't let in on this plan. "Raven! How could you say such things! I will not be embarrassed by such a cruel woman!"

"Oh, that sounds like fun. Though, I'll let you keep the leotard, at least for now."

She snapped her fingers, and the rocks holding Raven in place fell away. Her hands moved to remove her cloak. The Woman added a silent command "You may not tell Starfire you aren't doing this willingly"

She then turned to Star, who's wrack was finally slowing its growth at had Double D hooters. "You on the other hand, may strip all the way. Do a little show if you can"

Starfire bolted upright, making her chest jiggle from the sudden motion. She then put her arms behind her head , and started to move like an earth stripper, starting with the skirt.

"How could you!" The alien girl continued, looking in betrayed shock to her friend and to their tormentor. "And my breasts! They're so big!"

She swayed her curvy hips from side to side before lowering to a squat, rubbing her ass against an invisible lover. It was humiliating for Starfire, but she didn't really have any say over what her body did and didn't do.

Raven was now in her leotard, her shoes removed, showing off her luscious legs.

"You're breasts are big?" The Woman asked, pretending to be surprised. "Why don't you show us Kory. Or better yet, why don't you take off her top Raven. It looks tight."

Indeed, Starfire was rapidly shaking her chest back and fourth, as she humped her panty clad ass against her invisible man, making her all too aware how tight she was. Underboob could be seen under the top, not big enough to contain her melons.

Starfire seductively stood, trailing her hands along her thighs. The fear and shame in her eyes was clear, and Raven's heart went out to her.

But she knew what she had to do, and had consigned herself to this fate. Raven groped her friend lewdly, slipping her hands under the top to rub against Starfire's nipples.

The alien girl moaned at that, blushing as she gave into the temptations of her body. Her heart pounded as she let her teammate pull off her top, letting her hefty melons bounce free.

"Your jugs are very nicely developing Star" The Woman said "And without that big cloak in the way, I can see what great rack you have Raven. Why don't you give them a feel Star?"

Suddenly, Starfire was groping her friend two, both girls feeling the others nipples between their fingers. They're tits were so sensitive, far more then ever before.

"The funny thing is my powers of control don't work on Raven like they do on you Starfire." The Woman called out "I never knew she had so much hidden lust for you."

The statement that she couldn't control Raven was a lie of course, but it was impossible how much of her acts were being directly controlled, or based in her own subconscious. After all, The Woman had told her to act on whatever depraved thought came into her head.

And then, she heard a whisper, "Take her panties next Raven... without her hands" it said, intentionally leaving it vague for her to fill in the perverted details.

A small squirt hit Ravens forehead as she brought the panties down, exposing the aliens bare pussy to the world. It was hard to know if it was from fear, or pleasure. It was unmistakable how moist she was however.

Starfire was now clad only in her gauntlets and boots, with her panties between her ankles.

"Now, I think it's time you begin what you promised Raven" The Woman said.

Starfire fell fell to her knees, before contorting her spine backwards so her bare back pressed against the cold ground. She was at the prefect position for Raven to sit on her however she wanted. She couldn't even move her head anymore, only her mouth seemed to obey her.

"Of course, Mistress." Raven replied coolly, turning and straddling her friend, her pert ass resting on Starfire's forehead as she began to grind her pussy against the helpless girl's nose and mouth.

"N-NOOOO! I can taste you and I do not like it!!!!" The alien whimpered pitifully, unable to free herself from her invisible confinement.

"Maybe you'll like this, then." Raven did her best attempt at a seductive purr, stroking her friend's folds before lowering her head to give them a tentative lick. To her surprise, the taste was almost minty, and it left her with a suitably fresh feeling on her tongue. Today was just full of surprises.

"Very good idea Raven, but make sure not to neglect your face duties" The Woman said, as if giving friendly advice.

Raven had no choice but to hump her friends face even harder. Meanwhile, her head was still positioned between Starfires legs, trying to pleasure her. It was an uncomfortable position to say the least. Her tongue's movement made any attempt to speak awkward and hard to understand.

First and harder Raven was forced to work, pushing herself and her friend into more aggressive acts of passion. The Woman was beside herself.

"Oh Raven, I think Starfire is going to break first. Why don't you see for yourself?"

And then, for the second time, The Woman forcibly activated Ravens powers. The pale girl used her Empath abilities to see what Star was seeing, feel what she was feeling.

She could see from the eyes of both herself, licking and humping starfire, but also the alien girl. She felt Starfires passion, mixing with her own.

"HNNNAAAH!" Raven cried, overwhelmed by the feelings. Starfire's passion was so pure, so unrestrained! She wanted, needed more, needed to feel more of this and cum!

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" She cried, her eyes rolling in her head. A giant shadowy dick coalesced above Starfire, then Raven pulled her head back, grinning wildly as it plunged hard into the redhead.

Starfire's response was to scream into Raven's cunt, even as the pale girl humped her face hard. She felt Raven cross her pale legs behind Starfire's red hair, letting her mash hey sex even harder against Starfire's mouth.

Starfire's inflated boobs were flopping everywhere, painfully tossed by the rapid movement, an sensation transferred to Raven.

For Raven, it was impossible to tell which feelings belonged to whom. Was her own womb being pummeled, or was it her friends?

The Woman silently released her control over Raven, eager to see if she was too far gone to stop now. This had an unintended (but not unwelcome for The Woman) consequence.

Raven's powers always came from emotion. She had always had to meditate to keep it under control. But now, her energy was free to go wild, fueled a thousand times by the passion.

Demon energy filled her brain, brought her desire for lust to untold levels. Her eyes glowed red as the power of hell burned from her, wanting nothing but more pleasure.

"HYEEESSS!" The gem on Raven's forhead burned as the dick inside Starfire swelled, splitting again and again until it was a throbbing, tentacled hydra of pleasure.

Starfire screamed in humiliated ecstasy, unable to keep herself from lapsing further into carnal desire, damning Raven in the process.

Raven could feel her soul splitting, the lusty aspect of her mind taking over completely. She moaned loudly, conjuring more tentacles within Starfire's mouth, choking the alien girl on their writhing mass, but also making her force the bundle deep within the pale girl's virgin hole.

The Woman took a cautious step back. Even she had not anticipated Raven taking it this far, though she was thrilled all the same. A ring of fire surrounded the two girls as a group of tendrils went up Starfires ass, fucking all of her orafaces at once. Small tendrills even wrapped around her titts, tugging them in a milking like motion. Her belly swelled from the sheer mass inside her womb.

Then, having lasted far longer then what should have been possible, Starfire came. The shock rippled through her violated body, before being felt by Raven.

It was so intense that it made Raven come one her own as well, combining the two orgasms together into an infinite loop of exstacy. Neither girl could stop! Starfire kept coming, which only served Raven to greater levels of release, breaking beyond anything she had ever dreamed of.

Raven continued to fuck her friend, and fuck her hard. There wasn't a thought on her mind beyond pleasure, even though some tiny voice in her head told her what she was doing was wrong.

Starfire was enjoying it, and that was all that mattered to Raven.

And, in truth, the alien princess was. She didn't like what was happening to her, but at the same time she'd never been so pleasured that it was hard to dwell on anything except cumming again and again and again.

And then, The Woman snapped her fingers.

It was as if an off switch had been flipped. There was no afterglow, no chance to ease back into normalcy. All arousal, all lust, vanished instantly.

It was cruel, having the two at pleasures beyond comprehension, before taking it all away in an instant.

The tendrils vanished, Ravens mind returned. She found herself, stradeling the partner ahe had violated by her own will

Starfire too was still trapped undrneath Ravens moist crotch.

Immediately the alien girl pushed her demonic friend off of her, gasping for air. "RAVEN!" She thundered, her breasts jiggling.

That wasn't good. Neither was the fact that the stranger was still looking at them, eyeing them like a lion looking at a pair of paralyzed gazelles.

"As you have wished, Mistress." Raven bowed humbly, inwardly hoping that would be enough. The most important thing was making it through this encounter and reporting it to the Justice League.

"Mistress? You call her a title of respect?" Starfire shouted. "This horrible woman says she did not make you do those things, but I know that she did! It was humiliating and embarrassing!"

The Woman laughed. “Embarrassing? Why? Is it because it was too risque for you? Well, maybe we can try something a tad more romantic instead of sexual then. Why don’t you two kiss?”

The Woman forced Starfire to make the first move. She thrust her head forward so fast that it knocked Raven onto her back. The alien pressed herself against her fallen friend, pressing their breasts together, and began chocking Raven with her tongue, which actually stretched, coiling deep down her throat.

"MMMMPH!" Raven's eyes widened in shock. Was this normal for Starfire, something her race could do? Raven didn't think so, judging by the panic in her friend's eyes.

For Starfire, it was like someone had pulled on her tongue, stretching it out and out into some long, wet tentacle. "MPHLURG!" She groaned around it, choking her horrified friend with the muscle.

Then, as if she was being blasted away, Starfire flew off of Raven, her foot long tongue rapidly tugged out of her.

She fell in the water, face up, staring at the sky. Meanwhile, Raven was forced to her feet.

"Well, you did what I asked Raven. I thank you for taking so much of the initiative, even if you're friend will never be the same."

The Woman ran her fingers through Ravens short, purple hair, speaking into her ear. "But, I never said I actually accept your offer. I suppose I should decide now, shouldn't I"

She was now grouping Raven's behind, her ass cheeks so open through her leotard. "I want to you see, but I'm not sure you deserve it. After all, you're a criminal now... using your powers to assult your best friend. You're just as bad as those you hunt."

She positioned her hand onto Ravens belly. "I think you deserve to be punished."

Raven had expected that, though she had also hoped it wouldn't come to this. "Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" She screamed back, hurling a tsunami of sand and water at their unnamed assailant.

Starfire groaned, gagging around her long tongue and wincing as she felt dark tendrils wrap around her. They pulled her communicator from her belt, and Starfire saw that another bundle held Raven's communicator.

Then they hurled the devices, and Starfire, as hard as they could in three separate directions. It was a last ditch plan, but at least it meant the other heroes might have some warning... And maybe mean that Starfire could escape.

The torrent abated, clearing the impromptu smokescreen Raven had created.

As Starfire flew threw the air, she felt a cold shiver cover her, before briefly being enveloped in a dark void. A moment, later, she found herself blinded by a cloud of sand...

And as this cloud fades, both she and Raven saw what impact the pale girls attack had done.

The woman in red was standing, soaking wet and covered in gunk. Her dress clung skintight to her form. Her perfect hair was a mess. But beside that, she didn't have a scratch. The wave that should have blown her away had merely been an annoyance to her.

Gripped in her hand was starfires elongated tongue, which she held like a leash as Star was on all fours by her side. In her other hand, were the two communicators.

But, perhaps more horrifying then her seeming invincibility was her expression. Gone was the playful, amused look. She was decidedly pissed off, looking at Raven like she was deciding how best to make her suffer.

"That was very naughty of you girl" she said, as if trying to hold back her rage. "I was originally going to make you both suffer separately. But you Raven... I'll make you experience my fury twice."

She practically crushed Starfires tongue under her grip, as she pointed to Raven with her other hand, still gripping the communicators.

Raven's arms were forced into a T-pose as she floated up in the air. She couldn't move, except by the whims of this Woman. Her legs split apart into what should be a painful split, yet she couldn't feel it. All she felt was a griping pain inside her mouth....

...It was happening again. The white haired woman was making her feel what Starfire felt. However, instead of pleasure, she felt the viselike grip the woman had on the alien.

"I'll make you watch your friend first. It will give you plenty of time to anticipate what I'll do to you." she said to Raven, before looking down at Starfire, her smile returning "are you ready to get started dear?"

So, she was some sort of god. It didn't matter whether there was an uppercase or lowercase g, that didn't change the level of power being displayed here.

Raven had intentionally thrown the communicators at random, to test that little theory. If the woman was just a mind-reader, she wouldn't have been able to find them. But making them appear like that...

It was oddly comforting, despite the pain. Raven had expected an eternity of suffering and possession thanks to her father. Knowing that there was another omnipotent, omniscient being out there was a small relief.

On the other hand, Starfire had never dreamed of that power, of the strength that was levied against her. She scrabbled at her tongue desperately, sobbing as she felt the woman in red's nails dig into her tongue.

"WUGGHYYYY? WHA HABB WE DONE?" She sobbed, tears trickling down her tanned cheeks. It hurt so much, so very incredibly much!!!

"You were born" she replied cooly, letting go. The tongue snapped back into her mouth like a Looney Tunes bit, back to normal but covered in the sand spread by Ravens attack.

"Let's start with the rest of your clothes" she said, gesturing to Starfires boots and gauntlet. "I want you to use your eye beam to do it. As soon as you're nude, you are going to feel like you need to piss more then you've ever had to in your life, but will not be able to. Instead, I want you to stand on your toes, put your arms behind your back, push your bust forward, and rotate until I tell you to stop."

"Well, hop to it" she added, clapping her hands.

Starfire obeyed, though she didn't want to. Raven could feel her reluctance and her humiliation as clearly as if she was being ordered to do the acts herself.

Tears formed at the corners of the alien's eyes, only to sizzle away into the air an instant later, evaporated by her attacks.

Then came the cramping in her bladder. Starfire wept openly with pain, her pussy clenching as she began to pirouette like some kind of dancer.

"Please... it hurts too much..." The redhead whimpered quietly, her engorged tits jiggling with every spin she took.

"You complain too much. Whatever happened to the optimistic Starfire? I want you to look on the bright side, and tell me how happy you are with this. And do some jumping jacks while you're at it."

Starfire began to make mighty leaps, spreading and unspreading her legs as she did so. Her boobs were flopping and jiggling painfully, like they would fall off. She could feel her full bladder sloshing inside her

"N-no!!! There is no bright side to this, everything I do hurts, nothing about this is possibly bright!" Starfire sobbed helplessly, so full. "I want to urinate so badly but you're not letting me and it's only hurting more!!! What is there to be optimistic about?"

The girl wept, her innocence completely at odds with Raven's nihilism. However, said nihilism was about to help the alien girl.

"Well, Robin always liked girls with large breasts. I bet you'll be way more attractive to him now." Raven offered from the sidelines, her split legs only enhancing her discomfort. She had to piss harder than she'd ever had to in her life too, but there was nothing she could do about it. After all, it wasn't her bladder that was full.

"You're right Raven. Perhaps Robin will like you more. Why don't I ask him."

She turned her back to them "Thank you for the idea raven. I'll be right back, so feel free to talk to one another. Don't stop your jumping jacks until I come back"

And then, The Woman was gone, leaving Raven still frozen, and Starfire forced to continue her workout.

"Raven... It hurts!" Starfire sobbed helplessly. "I can't break free, why would that woman do that to us?"

"The same reasons that drive my father, I'd imagine. She's powerful, and sadistic. She doesn't need another reason." Raven said simply, still doing that painful split.

"But... That is no fair! How do we win?" The tanned girl sobbed, her breasts jiggling.

"We don't. We're like toys against her, there's nothing we can do... That's why I was obeying her. I had hoped that playing into her delusions could get at least one of us out of this to warm the others. But I failed... and I'm sorry." Raven could feel the other girl's doubt at her words, but also a glimmer of thankfulness.

Then, after only being gone for a minute, The Woman returned, seemingly teleporting. Robin was at her side, looking around in confusion and shock. She had clearly forbidden him from speaking or moving, but his eyes showed his desperate attempt to piece together what was happening.

"Starfire, come" she said, as if she were giving a dog a command. Immediately, she was on all fours, crawling towards then, her boobs dragging across the sand. Stopping at Robins feet, she was forced to look up into his eyes... the man she loved.

And, to her shock, Robin was smiling. "That's a good look for you star. I'm glad you finally resemble the airhead slut you really are."

"You are controlling him, you wicked, vile woman!" The alien princess raged. "You are honorless and base, and I will not be baited by this!"

Even though she was posed just like a dog, Starfire maintained a look of fierce nobility, her anger at this latest taunt clear.

Raven couldn't be prouder.

Starfires defiance was quickly punished. Her overfilled bladder now burned as well feeling close enough to burst. It was like she was filled with hot sauce, threatening to pop within her. Despite her bodies protests however, she could not piss a single drop.

"Naughty girl. You're boyfriend complemented your figure. You should show it off"

Staffier was forced to leap to her feet, putting on a show for everyone. She took large strides in a circle around them, swaying her butt seductively. She grabbed her left titt, and stuck her other between her legs, making her feel a twinge of arousal mixed with her pain.

"Tell me when she hits the right pose" The Woman said to Robin, who starred unblinking.


Starfire screamed with pain, and the young man held out his hand, only to falter. Raven was probably the only one who could help her, but she wasn't doing anything. Either she was powerless too, or controlled by the woman as he'd been...

Another scream from her cut off Robin's train of thought, and he watched as Starfire railed herself hard, her oversized breasts jiggling. "Now! This is fine, just stop!"

Starfire was half-kneeling, her ass lifted and her one hand on the ground to support herself. Her other hand was buried between her legs.

Raven could tell Robin was trying to help the girl, but he clearly wasn't the world's greatest detective. It looked like he was buying into the act, and she could feel Starfire's sadness radiating from the redhead.

"Very good dear" The Woman said to Robin. "I'll take care of the rest"

Another shiver went through Robin, as he lost his control again. Every aspect of his movements were being manipulated by her. He couldn't even breathe on his own, his involuntary habits being under her control. He was truly a prisoner in his body, and couldn't even speak to express it.

Instead, his hands went to undo his cape, working it's way to strip down. He removed his utility belt and armor, as well as his mask.

"I've always loved you two together" The Woman said to Robin and Starfire. I want you two to really express your love... but I'm not sure what I want him to do to you...."

Getting an idea, she walked over to Star, as Robin threw off his shirt, still unable to speak. The Woman squatted down to be eye level with Starfire, who's pose was beginning to ache, and bladder still burning.

"Starfire, I'm going to let you decide. I want you to tell me you're deepest sexual fantasies, without any regards for shame or dignity"

Staffier was forced to speak, fighting against the pain and arousal. But it was the darkest parts of her subconscious that spoke. The Woman was using the same spell she used on Raven to do on Star... to say the most demeaning... humiliating... and yet arousing thoughts she could think of.

"I... I have always thought about taking Robin's mask off and... And..." She struggled not to speak, but it was in vain. "And have the intercourse with him while looking into each other's eyes!"

She blushed madly at the confession, hoping that Robin didn't think less of her for that. She knew that he valued his privacy and that they weren't bonded, but that didn't change the fact that she wanted him inside her special place!

The Woman laughed in amusement. "Is that really the most demeaning thing you could think of. Wow, you really are innocent, incapable of darker thoughts"

The Woman whispered into her ear "so it will be so sweet to show you something far darker then your comprehension"

Starfires one arm supporting her was feeling numb. It wasn't just from the supporting of her own weight however, it was something... worse.

It was losing color. The orange tint of her skin looked old and pale, transitioning slowly to gray. It began at her fingers, and crept up.. a cold hard substance crusting itself over the tips.

Then... it became apparent. They weren't being covered... they were transitioning into stone.

"What? How?" Starfire whispered in terror, too afraid to raise her voice. She thought she was ready for anything, but being paralyzed like this was...

Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked to her tormentor. "Why are you doing this? We have never met, I do not even know your name!"

Raven could still feel what Starfire was feeling, could feel her skin drying and cracking as it became numb stone. She could also feel the girl's open despair, knowing that Starfire had been having nightmares of such a fate after what happened to Terra.

Her hand was now marble, which created up her forearm. It was strange, once the numbing clones of the change passed, she found she could still feel with her stone hand.

Her other hand was transforming too, which quickly became far more noticeable. Her hand, pressed inside her pussy, was becoming cold and hard. She shivered as her fleshy fold were being touched by icy stone. One finger, which was against her clit, filed her with an especially unbelievable sensation. Her vagina refused to alter, making her hand a cold, stone insertion in her most private area. The chill from it contrasted far to strongly with the burning in her bladder.

Both forearms had turned to stone, and they were not slowing down.

Meanwhile, Robin threw off his pants, standing naked for the two girls. His junk had shrunk from the cold night air.

"Ghhhnn... It is so cold..." Starfire whimpered. Without any blood in her veins, she couldn't warm herself. Even though it was only a chilly afternoon, it felt frigid.

She looked up to Robin pleadingly, hoping that he could help her. One look at his stiff posture told her that he was just as bound as Raven was, only in a different way.

Said hero was mentally struggling to escape, or at least to cover himself. Given that his powers were limited to using tools and devices, without them he felt extra naked, helpless even.

"As to answer your previous question" The Woman began "You don't need to know my name. You see, you will never be talking to anyone ever again in a few minutes, so what good will my name do you. Though, if you really insist, you can always call me The Woman"

Her arms were now stone, hurting her shoulders like crazy. Her alien strength had long been taken from her, leaving her shoulders the burden of supporting two heavy stone arms, treating to break off from her.

Then, she and Raven felt a ripple in the alien bladder. At first, it was almost a 'good' feeling... her bladder walls were stretching outwards, giving her more room. But, it was moving in a very usual manner.

It was like a pathway was being drilled through her flesh, the stinging piss inside her burning away a path to travel along. Up her stomach it creeped, forming a tube side her. It was on it's way to the shoulder supporting her "unoccupied" arm.

Meanwhile, Robin was unable to outwardly show any sympathy for his friend. The control was so absolute, not even his eyes could reflect the horror inside him. In fact, he began to move in a way that expressed hi "pleasure" at the situation...

It was as if he had been hit by Joker Gas. He couldn't stop laughing. It was the funniest thing he'd ever experienced in his life. Meanwhile, he grabbed his manhood, and begin to tug, as if Starfires torture was the hottest thing he could think of.

"N-nooo!" Starfire whimpered, her shoulders aching from the heavy stone they had become. The sight of Robin debasing himself like this hurt more than his laughter, his humiliation making her lapse into despair.

Raven could feel it clearly from the girl: she could take any punishment, but watching her friends suffer was too much for her alien mind.

It was distracting Starfire from how odd the feeling in her bladder was-though it didn't escape Raven's notice. The Gothic girl shuddered mentally, groaning as she psychically felt her body hollow.

Meanwhile, Robin was in nothing but pain. His throat hurt from laughing, and without any lube his sensitive prick was chafing against his hand. Still, it remained hard, throbbing in his cupped hand.

Her shoulders began to petrify now. On one hand, it helped support her arms. On the other, it was confirmation that the changes were not going to be confined to just her limbs. It crawled down her back, leaving her chest untouched... for now.

The burrowing path entered her arm, melting it's path through it. It did hurt a bit less, not having any bones or organs to burn through. However, it also confirmed that her limb had become entirely a single stone object.

The path moved beyond her palm, so firmly set against the ground. And yet, it kept going, deep into the earth. Some kind of tube was worming itself out of her hand, deeper and deeper down.

At last, the liquid had a way out. The piss she had been holding for so long exited out of her new pipe. But she did not feel back to normal... she felt so, so hallow

"Hnnnnaaah..." Starfire sighed in relief, her lips curling into a smile despite her situation. The relief was a small respite in the face of the horror of her situation.

Raven was terrified enough to make up for Starfire. The girl was afraid, genuinely afraid for her friend. Liquid building, a pipe forming, stone... There was only one thing Starfire could be changing into were that the case. And if she was changing...

This wasn't simple petrification, this was transformation. Raven couldn't undo that, she didn't even know how to!

Robin's face was turning blue, unable to breathe by how much he was laughing, combined with the amount of effort he was putting into jacking off. And yet, The Woman was forcing him to speak through the laughter, using up what little air he could get between laughs.

He was forcing him to betray everyone. Every secret he knew about his friends... family... Bruce... the Justice league. All of it was being told to this villain.

Starfires feet were beginning their petrification. The stone creeping down her back was also coming around to freeze her midriff. The transformation seemed to be going out of their way to leave her private parts, and anything above the neck, intact. A sliver of petrification went between her cleavage, but left her fun bags untouched. It looked almost like she was wearing a skintight, gray suit, with holes for her privates to stick out.

Robins member was at his maximum length... or at least... what he always thought was the max. It just kept getting longer, harder... despite all the pain, his body was enjoying everything. He got a twinge of pleasure from every secret he told.

Even the relief the alien had before was being taken away. She could feel liquid, cold this time, entering back into her from the path she had made.

"AaaaAAAH! NO!!!" Starfire screamed, feeling the water gushing into her, flooding her again. "The wetness is filling me! Please, do not let it build up again!"

She looked up to The Woman desperately, pausing once she caught sight of Robin. His dick was huge now, swelling with no end in sight.

Helpless from the sidelines, Raven watched her friends, trembling internally from the awful feelings she was getting from Starfire's body.

"Oh, and what will you give me in return if I stop?" The Woman teased. "Maybe you'd prefer I changed all the other titans, and left you as the only survivor. Would you prefer that Starfire? Would you feel them all out?"

Once again, her bladder and insides were becoming full, but it was an entirely different sensation now. There was no fleshy walls to stretch against the growing pressure. There was only an inflexible stone pit for the water to build.

And then, she felt something poking her still fleshy asscheek. Robins footlong member was pressing against it, so hard that it might as well have been made of stone too.

"NEVER!" She spat, groaning as she felt the pressure begin to build. The feeling of the cock against her made her whimper, and she looked back to Robin desperately. "N-not there! Not that hole, it is not clean!" She whimpered, staring at his tremendous cock.

Raven had felt what it was like to be fucked as the alien girl and she braced herself mentally. Starfire was weak to lust, even if it was her ass and not her oversensitive alien sex.

"Not clean you say? Well, why don't we wash it out." The Woman said, snapping her fingers.

A drilling sensation filled her again, as the water tried to forge a new path out. It didn't need to go as far this time, burrowing itself out her but hole.

A stream of water was flowing out her ass, spraying Robins dick in the process.

Then, fighting it's way of of the guessing water, Robin forced himself forward, into the spraying asshole.

Within moments, it was clear that this boy was too big for her. Robin had only gone about about three inches and it already felt like she was being ripped in half. The building pressure of the blocked water torrent only added to to the pain.

And yet, Robin began to thrust his hips, trying to fight through the tightness and water. Starfires butt cheeks bounced with each impact. Even Raven, still frozen, could have sworn her hips were shaking under each hit.

"GUHHHAAAAAH!" Starfire screamed, absolutely humiliated. Not only was it like she was constantly shitting, she was being fucked while doing it!

Even Robin was in pain, water being a very poor lubricant for such things-even without considering she was too tight a fit.

Raven felt the alien sensation of a phantom dick stretching her ass and she screamed as well, the pain catching her by surprise.

Then he stuffed enough of himself into her, his cock screaming with pain from the pressure against its tip just as Starfire and Raven screamed from the feeling of filling once more.

Robin was so deep in her now, deeper then she ever thought possible. She could feel his balls smacking her ass, having finally fit the epic member inside her.

There was so much pressure now. At least before, she was just full. But now more and more water was gushing into her from her arm, without any way to get out. The fact that it's only exit was blocked by Robins cock only made things worse.

It truly felt like she would rip in half, but her body was now stone, and too hard to break.

She felt a cold shiver go along the fingers in her pussy. She was getting some relief as a stream of the fountain water came out of her vagina. But it was such a small amount that it was hardly much comfort, and only made the whole situation more demeaning. She couldn't stop peeing even if she wanted to.

Stone was creeping up from her shoulders towards her neck. Meanwhile, Robin's member was somehow still growing inside her. She could feel it's head about where her stomach would have been.


Raven heard the cry, and it took her a second to realize she'd been the one to scream it. The only sound that was coming from Starfire's mouth was a wordless shriek.

Starfire was in pain, too much pain to think about anything other than her torment and humiliation. She wanted to be brave for Robin, but his growing cock was only forcing the water to build up even more.

Robin had finally been allowed to stop laughing, no doubt so The Woman could hear his screams of pain uninterrupted. His dick was encased in a tight tube of stone inside the alien, with so, so much pressure. So it was also so very confusing how good it felt.

Robin had never been a masochist, but right now, the tight squeeze, rushing water, and and pressure on his dick was the most arousing sensation he had ever experienced in his life. He was feeling so much pleasure, that his erection could have grown 10 times as long, and still be nowhere near enough to represent his horniness.

Then, he could feel a bulging inside his organ, and he knew he couldn't stop it.

He came, harder then he had ever come in his life. It was not seamen that released however. It was a blast of water, like his dick was a fire hose, blasting into Starfires overfilled insides.

Yet, despite being water, it still felt like any other ejaculation to Robin. The feeling of climax and release, usually so short, was unending.

Was this the closest thing The Woman had to mercy? Every second Robin kept releasing, flowing every fiber of his mind with the sensation of climax.

Unfortunatly, no pleasure was given to the girls, a new torrent of water pushing their torture beyond the previous limits.

"ROBIN STOP!!!" Starfire wailed desperately, tears dripping down her face. He was filling her so much, the pain was unbearable.

It was worse for Raven, who could see the smile on his face, feel the pleasure radiating from him though it was mixed with pain. She felt a rich envy for his bliss, the young man's perpetual climax at odds with the pressure in her gut.

Both of the girls screamed with pain, even as Robin lost himself to the gushing ecstasy of an eternal orgasm. He didn't want to enjoy it, but he couldn't help but smile with bliss as he emptied an unending reservoir into Starfire.

Starfires body was truly hallow. The water filled every corder of the stone reservoir inside her. Water was shooting out her vagina rapidly, but it was like emptying an ocean with a stream, it was just not enough.

Being mostly stone, her skin was unable to stretch to allow for more room... all except for a few spots. Her breasts were still flesh, and started to blow up like water balloons, making her already huge boobs even larger. Even her nipples grew fatter, her whole body trying to expand what little it could

Raven felt the sensation of her own breasts expanding. She could feel the added weight pulling on her chest. Yet, by seeing it, it was clear this they hadn't physically changed.

Meanwhile, Robin was starting to change. His massive member was petrifying, starting from deep within Starfires ass, and creeping up the shaft. His balls soon joined it, as it made it's way up his waist. The cold, prickling sensation did nothing to disrupt his orgasm.

Robin groaned, shuddering at the feeling and grabbing hard onto Starfire's hips. He didn't know if she could feel it or not, he just needed something to hold onto, to steady himself.

The warmth of his hands was a small mercy for the tortured girl, and the reprieve made her return to suffering all the worse. "AAAAAH MY BREASTS ARE STRETCHING SO MUCH PLEASE IT HURTS PLEASE STOP!!!"

Raven suffered silently 

Robins hands began to change, starting from the place he was touching her. It was like her skin was cursed to petrify everything it touched, whether it was her hips or deep within her ass.

Robins hips and legs locked, trapping him into this position, glued to the alien.

Her orange boobs took on an even redder tint. Her skin was as tight as a drum. It felt like they would explode any moment.

And then, release. Water blasted painfully out of her nipples. The force of the spray made her nipples flop and jiggle in different directions, arcing two steams several feet away.

These two points of release, combined with her perpetual pissing, was just enough to balance out what Robin was pumping into her.

Meanwhile, her jiggling boobs were becoming stiff. Would they be going the rest of her?

"HNNNGAAAH! ROBIN! I AM SORRY I HAVE GIVEN YOU THE STONE!" Starfire sobbed openly, agonized by the water.

It was filling her as fast as it was flowing from her, so she was never truly relieved-though the blasting pressure from her flopping tits was almost pleasurable.

Starfire was terrified and easily sank into despair, loathing her fetishistic frame, and how she was petrified in place.

Robin was changing war more quickly then Starfire ever did. His chest became stone, as it creeped down his arms. Meanwhile, his neck was almost entirely encased with rock.

Starfires butt cheeks changed as well, leaving her head and boobs the only organic part of her left. Her boobs became too stiff to flop anymore, her titts stopping to point in a set direction. They were becoming gray as they transitioned into stone.

She could feel the water coming up her throat, as if desperate to find even more means of release. Then, quite abruptly, she began vomiting up a fourth stream.

"HAARGGLL!" Raven dry-heaved above her friends, suffering through the same ordeal as Starfire, with none of the physical repercussions.

She tried not to actually vomit as she looked to her friends, going limp in the clutches of her confines.

Starfire sobbed as she constantly puked an unending torrent of water. She could feel it rushing from her crush's dick into her body, then out her throat. It was terrible, an awful nightmare!

Robin was having a similar nightmare. His friends were suffering, and he wasn't. For someone with a massive hero complex, this was torture as awful as what was happening to Starfire: he was trapped in pleasure, and forcing her into a lifetime of pain in the process. The Woman really knew how to torment them, to make them suffer.

Her boobs became two massive globes of stone. The petrification was working up her neck now... she didn't have much time left. In fact, Robin was in the exact same position. Both of them only had their heads left, and they felt their necks solidify in unison.

Starfires hair changed before her face. While formerly light and flowing, it changed into a huge slab of rock, jettisoning out of her head.

Her lips froze in place, staying open for her water vomit stream. Every scrap of orenge on her face was replaced with gray. Only her green eyes remained, however briefly. Then, they became locked forward, as they two joined her body.

Both Robin and Starfire were stone fountains. And yet, they could still feel, still see, still think. The pleasure and pressure would not stop, as they felt the cold air against their stone skin.

Raven trembled, and it took her a second to realize why: fear. Not for herself, that would be trite. No, this was fear for the rest of the world, for all of the other victims The Woman would create.

"How many..." She began unsurely, still feeling what her frozen friend felt. "How many more are you going to change? How many of these sick fountains are you going to make?"

Raven trembled, and it took her a second to realize why: fear. Not for herself, that would be trite. No, this was fear for the rest of the world, for all of the other victims The Woman would create.

"How many..." She began unsurely, still feeling what her frozen friend felt. "How many more are you going to change? How many of these sick fountains are you going to make?"

"That depends on which universe you are discussing. In this one, I've only done five, not including these two lovebirds." she said, gesturing to Robin and Starfire.

"One was your friend Kara. The other was four other random guys, who's names I can't recall."

The Woman was absentmindedly running her finger across Starfires naked back.

As for before I came to your world, I can't really remember. As a very low estimate, I usually do 20 - 30 people a year, so I would say at least 12,000 people overall. Of course, less then a fraction of them ended up as fountains."

She stopped and put her lips around Starfires spraying right nipple, sending a twinge of arousal to the two girls, and took a drink. Wiping off her mouth, she looked into Robins eyes.

"I do like the fountains though. It's a sort of immortality when you think about it. They'll never go mad, but will instead have the company of their own minds for eternity. Would you like to hear?"

She snapped her fingers. For only about ten seconds, Raven could hear their thoughts, confirming that they were truly still fully aware.

"No... NO! GET THEM OUT OF MY HEAD!" Raven screamed, trying to claw at her temples.

It hurt, so very much. There was nothing but fear and pain and arousal, raw carnal emotion overwhelming her.

The fact that The Woman could make more than fountains didn't escape her, but the pain was too, too distracting.

Then, it stopped. For the first time in what fet like an eternity, Raven was no longer feeling what Starfire did.

The fountain display, which had felt like an extension of her own body, was now seperated from her feelings.

The invisable bonds holding her let her fall to the ground, letting her finally cross her legs again.

She was completely unharmed. Everything that had happened to her had been mental, afterall. Still, after so much suffering, most people would have forgotten that The Woman still hadn’t actually done anything to her... yet

Raven patted her body down, almost moaning with delight at how soft her skin was, how she wasn't the hard, dry stone that her friends had become.

Then common sense reasserted itself, and she looked slowly up to The Woman. "So... This makes it my turn?"

She didn't have any illusions about what was going to happen to her, she knew she was completely at The Woman's mercy. Maybe The Woman would toy with her, maybe she'd just change her outright. Either way, Raven was trapped in the palm of her hand.

"I suppose it is, though I must admit I'm having trouble deciding what to do to you. Maybe I'll let you join your friend in a three-way, or maybe I'll make you into my slave, and make you help me hunt down your friends. So hard to choose..."

She turned her back on Raven, lost in thought, and seemingly oblivious to her surroundings.

She looked visibly frustrated, as if angry at her ideas for not being good enough. She picked up a rock and jammed it between Starfires legs, breaking it's flow, to ease her frustration. She was really petty.

"H-hey! Don't!" Raven shouted, knowing that the pressure would increase in poor Starfire's body if any of her holes were blocked.

She realized her mistake a second later, correcting herself. "You'll risk breaking her, which would only ease her suffering. You do want her to be a fountain, and not a pile of rubble, right?"

"Bit of a suck up, aren't you Raven?" The Woman chuckled "but I suppose you're right."

Like a cork shooting off a champaign bottle, the rock shot out of the fountain.

"I appreciate the help by the way, you've been a huge asset to me to make this fun. I never would have thought to include Robin if you hadn't brought him up."

"So, before we get started, I'm going to give you a little reward. Starting now, for the rest of your life, you will orgasm whenever you hear your own name. Isn't that a treat Raven?"

It happened so suddenly. He whole body shook as she came.

"I think I know what to do to you now, but let's change the scenery. I want you to fly us to Metropolis. That will give us some time to chat on the way Raven"

"HGNNNAAAAAH!" Raven's legs locked together and she fell to the ground, panting hotly. She didn't often get to cum, and a climax as intense as those was an eye-opening experience for her.

The thought of having to take this creature to the tower didn't sit well with her, but it wasn't like she could just refuse. "C-can't concentrate when horny..." She panted, looking to The Woman.

"Oh come now Raven. I have faith in you. You have controlled your powers in worse situations, so surely just flying us there won't be too difficult for you Raven. After all, if I know Raven, I know that Raven can do the impossible. So hop to it Raven, unless you want me to keep saying Raven."

The Woman kept awkwardly working her name in, causing Raven to keeping cuming before the previous climax was finished. Each was more intense then the last.

"NhhhhhAaah! GOD!" Raven fell onto all fours, panting heavily, shuddering with orgasmic bliss. She considered using this as an excuse to try and attack the woman, but she knew that would be a mistake.

Still, she couldn't voluntarily bring The Woman to the tower... Couldn't escape... Couldn't fight... There was only one thing her addled mind could think of.

"Raven, Raven RAAAVHHHHNNNN!" She screamed, pawing at her sex and rolling onto her back.

“Dear me. Looks like you’re abusing the gift I gave you Raven. Looks like I need to take a bit more control”

Sudenly, Raven couldn’t move, speak, breath, blink, or anything. Then, a stupid smile crept over her face. A a highpitched bubbly voice came out of her mouth that went against everything about her.

“Sorry lady. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I’m too stupid to think for myself, so please command me”. Meanwhile, the real Raven could only watch, trapped inside her own mind.

“That’s better Raven” she said, making her let out a squeel. 

I’ve decided. I’m not going to transform you… yet. You will be my new sidekick and help me capture all of your friends. You’ll be powerless to do anything but watch as you do this. And then, when I’m finally done, I will transform you.

“Sounds like fun. But can we change my costume first? I want something a bit slutier.”

“We can indeed” The Woman laughed, swatting her on the ass as they flew off, leaving Starfire and Robin trapped in their fate.