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Zygosexual is having or wanting more sexual partners with your current romantic and/or sexual partner.

  • Pronounced: Z-eye-go-sexual
  • Greek prefix meaning; to join together

The Official Zygosexual Flag

You can be married or in a current relationship, romantically and sexually but you both desire more sexual partners; not separately, but together.

This is different from Polyamory/Polyamorous. Poly relationships are where multiple people are all in one consensual relationship or where all participants have many and multiple partners romantically and sexually. Whereas Zygosexual is strictly multiple, consensual sexual partners together.

In a Zygosexual relationship, both romantically involved partners MUST consent to the person(s) that they are getting sexually involved with. One partner cannot have multiple sexual partners and the other partner not be involved, whether they know or not. Both partners must consent and be involved with the act.

The Flag and Its Colors

The Zygosexual flag has a total of 13 stripes, the middle red being the biggest stripe of them all. This was made purposefully, since the love and devotion to your romantic partner is strongest.

Red - Love and passion for you and your romantic partner(s)

Dark red - The lust for more sexual partners

Grey scale - The many different sexual partners regardless of; gender, sex, ethnicity, etc.

The creator of this sexuality and flag is Asphyn Falwell. Anyone can use/make this flag into an actual flag or merchandise.